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The Neeley Neal Show

Mar 26, 2021

We’re back with another GO FIT WIN connection call! In today’s episode, we get to hear from Mickey Crawford-Carnegie. Mickey is a Former NCA Cheerleading Instructor, Georgia Tech University cheerleader, Former NFL Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader, Current Alumni director for the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders, and one of the founders of the NFL Cheerleaders Alumni Association! Tune in as we talk all about NFL Cheerleading, the transition after retiring from cheer, and the importance of continuing to stay connected with w community of like-minded people!


03:30 What inspired the creation of this Go Fit Win community!

06:20 Meet Mickey Crawford-Carnegie!

10:40 What was your transition like into becoming an NCA Instructor?

12:00 How did your technique and style change as you started your career in the NFL?

18:00 Do you have one or two favorite NFL game days?

20:30 What was that moment like when you got the news you made the squad?

25:00 How did you become the director of the Atlanta Falcons Alumni program?

27:30 Are there any traditions where the Alumni welcome the new squad members?

30:30 Do you feel you learned leadership skills through cheer and dance?

36:40 The power of continuing the connections and community that come with being part of a squad!

40:00 What advice do you have for those preparing to audition for NFL cheer?


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