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The Neeley Neal Show

Feb 16, 2021

Sometimes in order to live a FULL OUT life we need to tackle obstacles head on! In this episode, our host Neeley is joined by the author of The Art of Breaking Through, Louise Valentine! Louise is a wellness expert, Sports and Medical Massage Therapist., and military spouse. Louise shares her story of achieving success as one of few women working with NFL players, continuing to build her career through moves as a military spouse, and mastering her mindset as she faced challenging diagnoses. It’s like that quote from Greek Philosopher Heraclitus, the only constant in life is change. Tune in for ways you can break through the next challenge you face!

02:50 What is Team Valentine Project?

05:30 What has your career journey looked like before and after marrying into the military?

08:10 What was it like having a front-row seat to high-level athletes like NFL players and The Rockettes?

10:30 What was it like being one of few females being a sports and medical massage therapist among NFL players?

12:50 Did you know much about military life before dating your husband?

15:20 How did your career evolve as you became a military spouse?

18:10 How many times have you relocated over the past 10 years?

19:45 What are some key things we can do to optimize our wellbeing?

22:50 How did you come to the decision to write your book?

27:00 How has your life changed since being diagnosed with osteoporosis and a precancerous condition?

30:30 What can we do to stay fired up while facing challenges?

33:20 How do you share and teach wellness practices with your children?

36:45 The importance of processing all your emotions through change and challenges.

40:10 What has been most influential in understanding mindset tools?

43:20 How do you tackle multiple goals at the same time?

45:50 What are some free resources you offer on health and wellness?


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