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The Neeley Neal Show

Jun 1, 2021

While we all definitely shine and have some STELLAR SUPERPOWERS, in our day-to-day lives we can often overlook our more subtle superpowers. The ones that propel our progress forward step by step, and one decision at a time! Fully embracing those subtle superpowers in itself is that message to yourself saying “You know what to do! You’ve got this! You have navigated this before! You can do this with grace!” It’s honoring your gut feelings and well-earned experience along your journey! Tune in for ways you can embrace your own elegance, experiences (including lessons from “failures”), and lean into your instincts!


02:00 Review Highlight!

04:00 What are the 3 subtle superpower “aces” up your sleeve?

05:15 Elegance is underrated!

06:00 What does elegance look like in your day-to-day life?

08:15 What elegance looks like in a season of life with 

09:50 Experience is about the journey, not the destination!

11:40 The experience gained through failure.

13:00 How can I trust and respect my instincts?

14:50 The power in embracing your subtle superpowers!


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