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The Neeley Neal Show

Feb 2, 2021

In this special first guest episode, our host Neeley is joined by fellow NFL Cardinals Cheer Alumni Catie Menke! Catie is an entrepreneur and creative professional with a heart for supporting women, bringing more beauty into their lives! Her calling is to inspire women to hold and share more self-love through creativity and connection. In this episode, we dive into how Catie made the transition from being an NFL Cheerleader to running her own multi-faceted business! Tune in to hear how Catie has grown her business and fulfillment, pivoting through the pandemic and continuing on the constant journey of self-love!

02:30 Meet Catie Menke!

03:30 Catie’s journey to becoming an NFL Cheerleader!

06:00 How did injuries, surgery, and recovery at 18 give perspective to your cheer career and beyond?

09:40 What inspired you to do your brunch events?

12:40 How have you pivoted from events this past year due to COVID?

16:00 What does self-love look like for you?

18:15 Has creating boundaries been part of your self-love practice?

20:00 Is there a connection between self-love and healing your inner child?

25:00 The common struggle women face of not feeling like they are doing enough.

27:30 What is coming next for you and your creative endeavors? 

30:20 What has the journey been like going from having an idea to producing merch?

31:30 How do you make space to connect with your creativity?

34:30 Is there anything you learned in your cheer and dance career that has translated to running your own business now?


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