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The Neeley Neal Show

Jul 13, 2021

Today’s episode is all about highs and lows! Meet special guest and former Cardinals cheerleader, Taryn Loehr, who is here to share her pom and dance wisdom with us all! What skills and life lessons can we learn from cheer? How can we run a successful program? What does it mean to be a strong woman and a strong mother? We’re answering it all today and more, so that you can learn how to become the mentor and leader who brings inspiration and positivity in everything you do!


00:00 Introducing Taryn!

02:30 Who were you pre-Cardinals?

06:50 What lessons did you learn from high school pom?

10:10 Did you turn your program into a competitive one?

12:25 What is your philosophy with parents? What is one thing you want your students to take away?

16:15 Have your life lessons rubbed off on your own kids?

20:20 Could you share the medical hardships you’ve had with your son?

27:35 Has your son made any connections because of it?

30:00 Finding faith and resiliency.

33:50 Does dance and cheer put physical limitations on us?

35:00 What were some highlights you had with the Cardinals?

38:20 Was there that one moment where it hit home with you?

40:55 What is coming up for you?

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