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The Neeley Neal Show

Jun 22, 2021

What is that little voice chatting about in your head? None of us are immune to having negative chatter pop into our minds, but if you were to do inventory, are the thoughts that come to you most often empowering, or bringing you down? In this episode, our host Neeley is sharing how you can tune into our thoughts, recognize their tone, and focus on your higher self. The part of you who knows the incredible things you are capable of and cheers you on towards accomplishing them…..THAT is your higher self and she knows what she’s talking about! 


01:20 If you were to take note of the thoughts that run through your mind today, would they be empowering thoughts, or are they bringing you down?

03:15 Celebrate the positive thoughts, aka your higher-self encouraging you forward!

05:00 Why is it so important that we focus our thoughts on the positive?

07:15 Be someone who makes you happy!

08:30 How to stick up for yourself and not allow that voice in your head to bully you!

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