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The Neeley Neal Show

Jun 29, 2021

We were all born free spirits - free of judgment, free of worry, free to truly be ourselves and go all out! This pep talk is here to help you so you can stop making excuses, start prioritizing yourself and your happiness, and find another way so that “I can’t” won’t ever be able to stifle you! This short and sweet episode is all about getting you to shine and live your life like the free spirit you are born to be!


1:15 What were we born for?

2:35 How can being a martyr steal our joy?

4:15 How can we serve others by being our spirited selves?

5:10 Can’t is not a truth.

6:35 Playing the unicorn brainstorming game!

9:40 How to return to “me time”!

10:40 How can we let go and ask for help?

11:35 Self care is not being selfish.

12:15 What are we meant for?

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