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The Neeley Neal Show

Jan 5, 2021

Are you conscious of how you are investing your time? Today we’re talking about the framework and tools you need to identify and plan your priorities! In this episode, our host Neeley walks us through the process she uses to identify areas of her life she wants to improve and prioritizes infusing things that light her up in her daily life! It’s the perfect formula of what needs to be done and what fills you up! Tune in for the steps you can take to set goals with meaning, and decide to live every day full out!

02:00 What is the Wheel of Life? 

03:20 How I create a “brain dump” list of what I want to improve on based on my Wheel of Life Results!

04:40 The questions you can ask yourself to categorize your brain dump!

06:00 How I assign a T-shirt size to each idea on my list in each category!

07:00 Now it’s time to prioritize! 

11:20 How I use Stephen Covey’s Big Rocks Method or productivity.

13:40 What you can do to break down your “big rocks” into daily commitments.

16:00 What is missing from Stephen Covey’s Big Rock Method?


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