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The Neeley Neal Show

Jan 19, 2021

What does it really take to create energy? Cultivating energy doesn’t always look like going full out on a stage. Cultivating powerful energy can be miraculously quiet. In this episode, our host Neeley talks about lessons she learned about cultivating energy during her triplet pregnancy. Creating energy when there is none is an ability you have! Your energy is something that starts within and radiates outward whether you are being conscious of it or not. Tune in to hear how you can cultivate and create your energy with intention! Let’s dive into how to cultivate, create, and protect your energy!

01:30 What are the 5 natural superpowers?

03:10 How I set my intentions coming into recording about cultivating and creating energy!

04:50 What is energy? Here are some questions to ask to check in with your energy!

06:20 What does it mean when people are talking about “good vibes” or “bad vibes”?

07:00 How do we step into being a consistently good vibe, high vibe, positive energy person?

08:00 Common comments I get as a triplet mom!

10:40 Can you increase your energy? 

12:10 Are your daily habits draining or empowering you? 

13:00 How do you cultivate and create energy when there is none?

15:00 What is the highest energy? 

18:00 What is the key to cultivating energy? 

19:00 Lessons on harnessing energy during my triplet pregnancy.

23:00 Keeping a positive and focused mindset when you feel depleted.

26:00 How YOU can tap into your power to create energy consciously!


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