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The Neeley Neal Show

Jan 5, 2021

Today’s episode is all about how you can reclaim your natural superpowers to make the impact you’re meant to make! Tune in as our host Neeley gives us the tools and questions to ask ourselves to get in touch with our own superpowers. One of the biggest things that will affect your ability to make the impact you have the potential to make is your mindset! Being intentional about bringing yourself back to a positive mindset, again and again, is an alignment that will not only impact the joy of your day to day life but how you are in the world as a leader! It’s time to reclaim your super-powerful, positive mindset!

01:50 What is a natural superpower?

04:00 What are the five common leadership superpowers?

05:40 The power of having s positive mindset.

07:20 What is step one to reclaiming your positive mindset?

08:10 Ways you can take action to get into a positive mindset!

10:10 How do boundaries (or lack thereof) affect your mindset?

12:50 Do you have a daily routine?

14:20 Who is your support system?

17:30 The superpower of gratitude!

21:40 Are you living your life full out?


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