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The Neeley Neal Show

Apr 13, 2021

This episode is one where talent, passion, and the logistics of running businesses meet! We’re chatting with the owner and founder of Hart Creative Kenzie Hart Schade. Kenzie is a Photographer, Videographer, owner of multiple businesses, and former collegiate dancer. In this candid interview, we’re talking about the importance of having the right support people, real self-care, and telling your story through photos and video to stand out in your industry. If you are growing something you’re passionate about or honing in on what your zone of genius is...this episode is for you!


02:15 Meet Kenzie: dancer, creator, and multiple business owner!

05:30 What was it like experiencing the school spirit at GCU?

07:15 Did the dance and cheer teams interact a lot at GCU?

09:40 Are there things you learned in dance that you apply now to running your 3 businesses?

13:00 How do you manage and balance everything in your life and business?

17:30 What inspired you to create Content Vault?

19:40 Have you always had the talent for telling stories through photos and videos?

22:30 What did it look like making the decision to be an entrepreneur and dive in with both feet?

26:40 How are you incorporating more video into your services?

29:50 What is your current favorite project to work on?

31:30 Do you travel for those that are outside of Arizona?


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