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The Neeley Neal Show

Jan 13, 2021

What is inspired action!? In this episode, our host Neeley dives into what inspired action is, and what it means to be a Spirit Leader, on and off the field, court, and stage! As she’s mentioned in previous episodes, connecting to your source of joy is one of our main goals here on The Neeley Neal Show! One way we can do that is by changing your daily “have to’s” to daily “get to’s”! Tune into this episode to hear how our perspective can shift everything, and how we can show up as Spirit Leaders in our day to day lives!

01:15 What does “inspire” mean?

02:50 What can you do to increase your inspired actions?

04:30 How to make sure your “get to” list includes something that fuels you!

06:00 What we can learn from Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe about the chain reactions that follow inspired action!

08:20 What is a Spirit Leader?

11:30 What are common qualities found in Spirit Leaders?

13:50 The effect of Spirit Leaders, in and outside of cheer and dance!

15:00 How my Go Fit Win community creates an environment where everyone can be energized!

15:50 How do I know if it’s really Inspired Action?

17:30 The impact that can be felt from Spirit Leaders long after the “game” is over.


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