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The Neeley Neal Show

Jan 26, 2021

Today’s topic is one our Host Neeley is constantly working on herself, and so excited for you to join in on this conversation! We’re talking about something that is difficult for most of us, asking for help! In this episode, Neeley breaks down the mental load that is particularly taxing for women, and ways we can ask for help to ease that load. From resources to understanding what is holding us back from asking for help, this episode is full of so many ways you make your day-to-day run smoother, and mutually benefit those you hire to help you as well! Tune in to work through the mental challenges of asking for help, and grab practical tips you can use to join in this journey of asking for help! 

01:15 With all the hats we wear, it can be hard for us to ask for help!

02:15 How we’ve had to shift our plans during the kids Daycare 2 week shut down!

04:10 Working through generations of gender roles and expectations of others.

07:20 What is the “mental load” and what does that typically look like for women?

09:20 An example: What the “mental load” looks like for Moms with children in school and daycare?

12:00 How to relieve that mental load!

13:30 What asking for help looked like for me preparing for my triplets to be born!

17:15 The gratitude we have for those that came into our lives and helped us when we had our triplets!

20:30 The mutual benefit of seeking help from loved ones and professionals!

22:00 What to remember at the top of your list of everyone’s needs!

23:00 What are you doing to energize yourself?

25:00 What can parents do to get help and prioritize time with their partner/spouse?

27:30 How can we get help with meal prep and planning?

30:40 The meal we ordered out that may change how we do things forever!

32:45 When should you ask for help? 

34:00 How do you know what you should delegate?

37:00 What areas of your life would a little help go a long way?


Check out these resources mentioned in this episode:

American Sociological Review - Cognitive Dimension on Household Labor Study:

Bright Horizon’s non-profit study on mental load for working parents:

Further reading on Mental Load:

GENEPRO Protein:

Daily Harvest $25 off coupon (affiliate link):

Nature’s Purpose (Phoenix residents) meal delivery service:


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