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The Neeley Neal Show

Dec 29, 2020

After years of cheer and dance, our host Neeley is sharing her story and five lessons she has learned from standing on the pitcher’s mound as a kid to becoming an NFL Cheerleader with the Arizona Cardinals! From cross country moves in grade school and college, and pushing through “failures” and successes there are so many life lessons she has learned along the way. Tune in to see if you have had any life lesson parallels along your own journey! 

01:30 Do any of these life skills stand out or resonate with you?

04:10 What I learned being on sports teams and theater as a kid!

07:00 Enter - Cheer and Dance: My introduction to Cheerleading!

11:20 Lesson One: Showing up when no one is watching.

17:00 Lesson Two: You get out, what you put in.

19:00 The winning routine that gave us Queen Latifah’s approval!

22:15 What happened when you auditioned for the TCU Showgirls dance team?

25:00 Lesson Three: Everything is happening for you!

27:30 Pivoting to become a USA Cheer Camp Instructor. 

30:00 Lesson Four: There is no greater joy than being in service of others!

34:30 How did you know it was right to leave Texas and move to Arizona?

35:10 Lesson Five: You are just one choice away from a massively different life.

36:10 The moment I found out I had made the team as AZ Cardinals Cheerleader!


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