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The Neeley Neal Show

Mar 19, 2021

In our Go Fit Win Community, we not only come together to pull our Poms off the shelf and dance together every month, but we also foster connections and networking with like-minded women! Jada is a certified personal trainer, former NFL Cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Today she is the founder of Poms Up Health and Fitness, helping former pro dancers and cheerleaders look and feel like themselves again! Tune in to hear Jada’s journey becoming a pro cheerleader, how her relationships with other women on her squads have impacted her life, and the importance of continuing to do what lights you up and inspires you. 


05:00 How we set intentions going into our connection calls!

06:40 Meet Jada Davis!

08:30 What is Poms Up Health and Fitness?

11:00 What inspired you to create Poms Up?

14:10 We’re you always into cheer and dance growing up?

17:00 Looking back are you able to identify triggers or patterns that indicate you are needing community?

19:40 Outside of dance what are you proud of right now?

23:00 What aspects of cheer and dance do you apply in your life even after retiring?

25:50 How do you connect with the women that join Poms Up? What is the training and community like?

30:00 The importance of pouring into your cup and doing things that inspire you!

32:15 What advice would you give dancers that are just starting their dance career?

33:40 As someone who has been a pro cheerleader, did you have a time where you felt like you were done and didn’t want to cheer professionally anymore?

38:20 Why did you decide to audition for NFL Cheer teams? What were your expectations going into it?

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