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The Neeley Neal Show

May 11, 2021

Put down your pom-poms and pick up your cape, because today we’re talking superpowers! This bonus episode of The Neely Neal Show is all about charisma and what it takes to have the “it” factor. We all have the superpower of charisma inside of us, and it’s only a matter of learning how to find it, build it up, and use it in our everyday lives. How can we use our superpower to connect with others, be present, and feel empowered? How can we use it as fuel to put ourselves forward? It’s time to look inside ourselves for our own version of Sasha Fierce so we can utilize and call forth our powerful alter ego whenever we need her!


4:50 What is the “it” factor?

6:40 When and why did you move to Arizona?

7:50 What was your experience with the Cardinals?

9:15 What is your background with cheer?

11:45 What times, outside of cheer, have you felt in the zone?

16:20 Do you feel empowered when all eyes are on you?

18:20 How can we use our emotions as fuel to push forward?

21:30 Finding your own “Sasha Fierce”.

26:25 Setting an intention to bring your focus in.

28:35 When should we bring our focus in to connect and be present?

29:35 Have you ever felt compelled to be the one to break an awkward situation?

32:35 Knowing when and how to call on our alter ego.

34:00 How did you feel when you were performing at your peak?

35:10 What is your routine to call forward your alter ego?

36:20 What kind of presence does your alter ego have?

37:30 What support do you need to utilize your charisma effectively?

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