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The Neeley Neal Show

Aug 15, 2023

In this episode, you will learn: 


How important your personal brand is, even if you don’t yet own a business.

Create the systems and your business will flourish while you work less!

More free time can help you rediscover your passions and go after them.


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Show Notes:

Meet Nancy Evans, author, podcast host, business strategist, and personal branding expert who has built multiple successful businesses. Nancy is such an inspiration! She came from a small town, was the first in her family to graduate college and she goes after everything that she desires. Nancy started in the corporate world but due to burn out she left and started a housecleaning business. This was her first step into the entrepreneurial world and she absolutely loved it. Soon after this she met her husband and reignited her love for marketing and learned all she needed to build multiple successful businesses. Today she shares with us her incredible journey and all of the amazing businesses that she has scaled. Nancy also shares with us some amazing tips on where to begin when creating a business and personal brand. 

02:30 What got Nancy started in the entrepreneur world?

05:00 Nancy went through burn out in her career and wanted more of a balance in her life.

10:00 A housecleaning business opened the door to entrepreneurship for Nancy.

12:50 How did meeting her husband reinvigorate her love of marketing?

15:45 Nancy shifted into a role in a marketing firm and she learned all she needed to be successful in her own businesses.

20:00 You have a personal brand whether you own a business or not.

22:10 Nancy’s inspiration for her book.

26:20 What does it look like to work with your spouse?

29:20 Nancy’s business offers many phenomenal programs that can help build your brand and business!

33:00 What does Nancy fill her free time with?

39:40 AI is a tool, use it productively.

45:00 Do not be afraid of AI, it is an amazing resource.