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The Neeley Neal Show

May 4, 2021

Is there such a thing as a “supermom”? Our host, Neely Neal, and guest, Lisa Boettcher, certainly think so! We’re discussing how we can balance motherhood with life and all the crazy things it may throw our way. How do we prioritize the real values in our lives and discover our own daily rhythm? How do we efficiently organize our schedules for extra time and energy? Why should we surround ourselves with like-minded women? And the most important question of all: Is there life after motherhood? We’ve got all the answers and more on this episode of The Neely Neal Show! When you’re a mom, your adventure in life isn’t over – it’s only just beginning!

1:40 Introducing Lisa Boettcher!

4:40 How do you balance being a mother and an entrepreneur?

6:45 How to find your rhythm in everyday life.

9:50 Surrounding yourself with like-minded women and community.

11:10 How is the Collective coming together and staying involved?

13:30 Have you always been an ambitious and passionate person?

15:40 Neely’s personal hero.

16:40 What experiences from pom & dance do you bring to your life now?

18:45 Seeing the “big picture” of your path in life.



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Billie Jean - Stepping back to see that floor panel choreo perspective is everything!


About Lisa:

My guest today is one amazing motha!!

Lisa Boettcher - Founder & Chief Mother of Prim and Clove. She’s built a brand & community to not only bring beautifully designed functional products to life, but bring the ambitious, multi-faced mothers together for encouragement, empowerment and resources. Everything Lisa does is aligned in supporting multi-passionate mothers to shine bright while also raising their babies as a rockstar mama. We had a fantastic chat about how to pursue your big dreams and motherhood concurrently to leave a lasting impact. We are SO aligned on this - let’s dive right in.


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