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The Neeley Neal Show

May 16, 2023

In this episode, you will learn:

It’s possible to have abundant relationships and create abundant wealth!

How to stay in alignment with your spouse as an ambitious couple.

The gifts of financial literacy and relationship capital that keep on giving!

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Show Notes:

One of my favorite people is joining me on the podcast! We met at Event Love back in 2020, and my goodness has so much growth and change happened for both of us since then! Today’s guest, diving into money mindset, marriage, and new seasons of life and motherhood, is Kara Ayala! We talk about why women need to empower themselves in their financial literacy, the benefits of becoming an accredited investor, the immeasurable value of relationship capital, and ways to stay in alignment with your spouse especially through rapid seasons of growth!


03:00 What lessons and transitions have you been through since we met at Event Love in 2020?

06:15 Why is it so important for women to have financial literacy?

10:00 How do you begin taking ownership if you’re a “damsel in denial” with your money?

16:20 Ways money is a mirror for where your mindset is.

19:00 What is an accredited investor, and what are the benefits of becoming one?

22:15 The beginning of Mike and Kara’s entrepreneurial journey.

26:00 How are you exploring new things and growing in this new season of motherhood?

29:40 Ways to make sure we’re staying in alignment as a couple.

34:20 Why is relationship capital so important?