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The Neeley Neal Show

May 30, 2023

In this episode, you will learn:

How Sarah has started multiple businesses alongside her corporate career, and being a mom to 2 wonderful teenagers!

Lessons Sarah has learned from favorite moments at events, and from her mother.


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Show Notes:

We may be great connectors and cheerleaders, but we mean business! In this episode, I’m joined by my favorite event expert that I’ve had the pleasure of working with, Sarah Brush! Sarah has 20+ years of experience as event planner at a tech company, she and her husband started a side business together, and she has her own business as an event consultant. On top of being an event queen, she is an incredible mom of two, and one of the best connectors and supporters of her friends I know! We dive into ways event hosts can make their attendees experience special and connect them together, and what Sarah does to support herself with all the hats she wears! 


02:30 What a day in the life looks like for Sarah Brush.

06:00 How the pandemic gave Sarah the time to connect with community outside of corporate.

08:15 Why are events so important for businesses from big corporations to small businesses?

09:40 Do you have a few events that you’ve been part of that stand out in your mind?
12:30 What was it like going to the Taylor Swift concert with your daughter?

17:15 What are you loving about having teenagers?

19:00 A lesson Sarah learned from her mom that she wants to pass on to her kids.

22:30 What do you do to support yourself as a busy mom?

27:30 How can we work with you for events?