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The Neeley Neal Show

Jul 6, 2021

We know you, our listeners, are ambitious women who seek fulfillment and growth! Today’s guest is definitely a squad sister that goes after her dreams! Our host Neeley is excited to welcome Courtney Krauss to the show! Courtney shared her experiences as a former NFL Patriots Cheerleader, All-Star Cheerleader with the legendary Spirit of Texas program, and touring on Broadway! Getting a superbowl ring her first season with the New England Patriots and performing for the 8+ month run of Bring It On, on Broadway Courtney shares the big “pinch me” moments and how they’re really those times you realize you followed the dreams you had as a kid! Tune in to hear her amazing story so far, how we can all take that leap of following what our hearts feel called to create, and what she has coming next!


02:20 Fired Up! Cheer Camp is coming!!!

04:00 What you need to know about Fired Up! Cheer Camp! Text us now!

05:30 Meet Courtney Krauss!

09:45 Finding out Bring It On was going to be turned into a Broadway musical.

12:30 Auditioning for Broadway!

15:40 Being 1 of 4 female cheerleaders hired for the show.

17:30 What was it like going on tour and having the physical demand of performing?

20:30 Finding out they had a Broadway space available and they were officially going to Broadway!

25:40 What was that transition like moving to Boston to be a Patriots Cheerleader?

28:30 What was it like winning the Superbowl in your first season?

35:00 How did you decide to retire from NFL Cheer and move to Texas?

40:15 Of all the big successes you’ve had, are there any “pinch me” moments that stand out?

43:30 What do you have coming up next?

46:15 The mission of collaborating with and supporting other female entrepreneurs.

49:00 How can we work with you virtually?

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Bring it On - The Musical Moments - Ryann Redmond sings, “The Girl in the Stands”:


Bring it On - The Musical - Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Appearance 2012:



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