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The Neeley Neal Show

Nov 14, 2023

In this episode, you will learn:

How to cultivate mindset agility in uncertain times.

Tips for growing as a leader through feedback and communication


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Show Notes:

Okay, I'm going a little bit off the cuff in today’s episode. I was just inspired by a talk submission sent over to a group here in Austin that is holding a conference next spring. And the topic of the discussion is really around bringing teams of leaders together, and how to facilitate overcoming fear and uncertainty building trust amongst the leaders in the teams. So they can be more courageous and take more risks.


05:00 How do you cultivate mindset agility in uncertain times? 

09:15 The community you need to support your personal growth.

17:00 Building trust and letting go of micromanaging. 

22:15 How to build trust and become a better communicator. 

26:45 Tips for growing as a leader through feedback and communication.