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The Neeley Neal Show

May 18, 2021

What are you doing for fun in 2021? With everything on your to-do list and with all the hats you wear, what do you have planned to pour back into your cup? We talk a lot about connecting to your source of joy here on The Neeley Neal Show and this episode is no exception! With everything our ambitious hearts have calling our name, let's not forget to include connection and doing things for the fun of it! Never underestimate the power of doing something that truly brings you joy! What will you be adding to your fun list? Take this as a sign to pencil some fun into your calendar!


01:15 My motto for 2021!

04:00 How can I kick the feelings of being stuck?

06:15 Showing up FULL OUT in your life!

07:00 What am I doing for fun in 2021?

08:40 What is on your fun list?

09:20 The deets on Cheer Camp!


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