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The Neeley Neal Show

Aug 22, 2023

In this episode, you will learn:


Micro Choices are little seeds for your biggest opportunities!

Take back your strength.

Self evaluation without judgment is key!


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Show Notes:

Achieving your big goals and dreams starts with the little choices you make consistently every day. Take back your strength by being intentional and making those seemingly small choices to move the needle in a big way! You may feel discouraged because you don’t see the change immediately but please understand, you will feel the change before you see it. A great booster to add to these microchoices is positive and loving self-talk. Your self-talk should be more of a self-coaching. Forgive yourself and recommit to your goals. You can do this, I'm cheering for you!


01:20 Take back your strength!

02:00 What are microchoices?

03:40 You will feel the change before you see it.

05:10 Your self-talk is self coaching!

06:30 Living full out is a choice you make.

07:40 Don’t go one more day, it’s never too late!