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The Neeley Neal Show

Aug 3, 2021

You are unique and will be uniquely drawn to things that light you up! As you listen to this episode it may seem like a no-brainer to do things that bring you joy! Putting that into practice in the day-to-day with all its demands can be a different story. So many of us rationalize ourselves away from the things that are tugging on our hearts and give us that spark. Adulting doesn’t mean you have to hang up your poms, or dancing shoes for good. Take this as a sign. As permission to remember yourself and how it feels to intentionally infuse your life with what brings you joy! If you have an initial thought to do something and it warms your heart or gets you excited, lean into it! Neeley has just the thing to help you do it!


01:30 Why are you second-guessing the things you feel drawn to?

03:30 What opportunities and experiences are you rationalizing yourself away from?

04:30 How would it impact your life to infuse it with things that bring you joy?

06:20 DON’T dim your light!

08:15 What was the most recent thing that got you excited?

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