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The Neeley Neal Show

Mar 23, 2021

It’s the final Episode of our Reclaim Your Natural Superpower Series! What is it that you REALLY want? When we choose ourselves and choose to move in the direction of the life we want, we are validating the belief that we are worthy of the life we want in the first place. Tune in for ways you can let go of other’s expectations, and actively make choices that will lead to the life you want! ‘Cause choosing to be passive and react to what life throws your way is just as much a choice as choosing what you would rather intentionally create!

02:00 What happens when we tap into our natural superpowers?

03:10 What are the Natural Superpowers?

05:40 Why am I so passionate about the power to choose?

08:00 What does it really mean to choose yourself?

09:15 How can we give ourselves permission and grace?

11:00 Do you know what you want and are you giving yourself permission to go get it?

13:25 Don’t ever apologize for taking care of and investing in yourself!

14:40 Are you choosing what you want in life intentionally? 

17:30 How to stop focusing on what we don’t want, and creating what we DO want!

21:00 We can choose intentionally at any time!

24:40 What are you going to do today to choose yourself?


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