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The Neeley Neal Show

Aug 31, 2021

Today is a very special day! Neeley’s triplets turn 3!!! Birthdays tend to be a time of reflection, and for Neeley celebrating her boys turning 3 is an amazing reminder of the big and small miracles we get to experience in life. Especially when you surrender. In this episode, we’re talking all about the gifts and lessons along life's journey and Neeley’s personal surrender to God’s master plan for her! From taking leaps of faith to follow career goals, finding the man of her dreams, and the journey to welcoming 3 healthy baby boys into the world, all of these life experiences have little miracles interwoven into them. What are you grateful for today? What small miracles were you gifted yesterday? They’re all around you if you take a moment to look for them.


01:30 What do the small miracles in our daily life look like?

03:40 God’s little nods (and sense of humor!)

05:30 The best things in life come in three.

08:15 How can I continue to have faith when things “don’t work out”?

09:30 Our fertility journey and choosing to surrender.

11:50 The gift of three healthy babies after 3 failed pregnancies.

13:15 Gratitude for God’s gifts and having faith in his plan.

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