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The Neeley Neal Show

Aug 29, 2023

In this episode, you will learn:


Strengthen your relationship with yourself.

Are you slipping back into your comfort zone and resisting the growth?

Trust yourself, you ARE capable of creating your dream life!


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Summer of Self-Development Series:











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Show Notes:

Uncomfortable changes can be hard to accept but we need to realize that those barriers can hold us back from the beautiful life we are meant to live. It’s a blessing for you and inspiring for those around you. You are capable of amazing things but you need to be intentional about the life you would like to create. In today’s episode I will recap my Summer Self-Development series and talk about the many ways you can step into the uncomfortable to create the life of your dreams! 


01:30 You may be done with school but you’re not done learning and growing.

04:30 Our summer of firsts!

08:00 Where are you slipping back into your comfort zone?

10:30 You are capable of living a life of impact!

11:40 Trust yourself and create your dream life.

13:30 Be intentional and regain your life.

14:40 Where are you growing and where are you going?

15:30 The 4th of July episode was filled with immense gratitude!

17:00 Fight for your dreams, not your excuses.

17:40 Maximize what ya got.

19:00 Dance into your next chapter of growth with me!