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The Neeley Neal Show

Sep 5, 2023

In this episode, you will learn:


Don’t let the world dictate your value!

Feedback doesn’t change your potential.

Life is designed to challenge us and reveal our character!


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Show Notes:

Don’t ever let anyone tell you 're not worthy and you don’t have value because YOU DO! Your performance at work and how many likes a post on social media receives have no bearing on your worth in this life. If you are feeling low or less than in life it is so important to figure out what is causing you to think/feel that way and change the way you internalize it. Don’t let your own self talk bring you down, always give yourself patience and grace! You have so much to offer the world, no matter how many times you fall. What you are meant for will still have challenges as well, push through and know you are worth it!


03:00 Live your life connected and fulfilled.

07:10 How can you take a look at old routines with a new lens?

08:30 Why do annual reviews get such a bad reputation?

10:00 Noone can dictate your value and worthiness!

12:00 Find out what is causing you to feel less than.

17:10 Take the constructive feedback but it doesn’t change your potential!

19:15 Always strive for skill improvements.