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The Neeley Neal Show

Oct 31, 2023

In this episode, you will learn:

Why it’s so important to prioritize personal alignment and joy.

The best social media growth strategy.

Ways to know you’re aligned with your purpose and avoid distractions.


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Show Notes:

I want you to know, right here today, you are doing a great job! You're adulting, you're handling your responsibilities, you're taking an active role in your personal development, leveling up, moving out of your comfort zone. With that, I also press you in this one area, especially if you're active on social media - are you trying to fit in a box of what social media is saying you need to be? Are you trying to keep up with the trends or seeking approval from others instead of stepping back and considering what you want, think, and feel? In this episode, I’m sharing why you won’t see me doing the TikTok trends, and what I am focused on instead.


01:15 Are you prioritizing personal alignment and joy?

03:15 Why showing up truly authentically will always be the best social media growth strategy. 

07:00 Prioritizing craftsmanship over social media trends. 

09:15 Ways to know you’re aligned with your purpose and avoid distractions.