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The Neeley Neal Show

May 9, 2023

In this episode, you will learn:

Why building a solid money mindset is the foundation of being able to create wealth.

That it’s possible for us to rewrite the “money stories” we grew up with.

Some of my favorite podcasts about money and building wealth!

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Show Notes:

Working on your money mindset IS personal development. It’s so closely woven into our beliefs about our own worth, and what we are capable of creating in this world. Money is a tool, which is so simple, but the meaning we give it goes deep. Whether you’re new to this concept of money mindset, or this is a refresher for you, this episode is full of great questions to check in on your beliefs around money, and how they are impacting your ability to create new levels of wealth. You are worthy of being wealthy! 


03:00 What is money mindset?

05:15 Exciting conversations coming up on the podcast that are SO MONEY!

09:20 What are the stories that were given to you about money growing up?

12:30 Having a positive money mindset is the foundation.

14:40 Some of my favorite podcasts about money and creating true wealth.