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The Neeley Neal Show

Nov 28, 2023

In this episode, you will learn:

The 5 key areas of leadership according to scripture. 

How to tap into the power of purpose.

What happens in the world and who you impact when you step into your full leadership potential


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Show Notes:

Hey friends, Neeley here! I'm so excited to dive into today's powerful discussion on the five areas of leadership. In this episode, I'll be sharing my personal faith journey and beliefs to give you insight into where I draw my inspiration. Then we'll break down key pillars of leadership according to Scripture - things like leading by example with your words, actions, love and integrity. My hope is that by focusing on developing these areas, you'll feel empowered to step fully into your calling and potential for positive change. Tune in to gain practical tools for living an intentionally vibrant life as you inspire and uplift those around you.

02:00 Purpose with a Christian perspective. 

05:15 Faith, connection to higher power, and personal growth. 

07:15 How to lead in a way that inspires others to show up in their greatness.

12:15 Leadership, self-love, and positive impact.