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The Neeley Neal Show

Mar 12, 2021

Get ready for a peek into one of last year’s Connection Calls in the Go Fit Win community! In this special bonus episode, we get to hear from Aubrey Aquino! Aubrey is a former Raiderette, AZ Cardinals Cheerleader, and former NBS dancer for the Sacramento Kings! Aubrey currently lives in Northern California with her two boys and is the television host of Your California Life on ABC 10 in Sacramento! Although Neeley and Aubrey didn’t cheer for the Cardinals in the same seasons, they both share how being part of Pro cheer and dance teams has impacted their lives, and gifted them with a sisterhood of supportive women! 


02:40 Meet Aubrey Aquino!

06:20 How have you pursued the careers you’ve wanting regardless of what people around you said you should do?

10:40 When did you start auditioning for Pro cheer and dance teams?

16:00 What was it like having to choose between your job and making the move to be a Raiderette?

18:40 How many years did you cheer for the Raiderettes?

21:00 Do you feel your experience in broadcasting helped you through the interview process for the Raiderettes?

22:15 What brought you Arizona?

26:30 How do you balancing everything now with your family and work?

33:00 The power of having a community of like-minded women!

36:00 Remembering to celebrate your accomplishments along the way!

40:15 Is there something you do regularly to fill your cup? 

44:30 How can we connect with you and tune into your show?

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