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The Neeley Neal Show

Jun 8, 2021

When was the last time you did something to connect to your joy? Tiphanie McNiff is on the podcast sharing her story of doing competitive dancing for over 25 years, and how she had felt something missing in her life as a dancer after her baby was born. Tiphanie is a former NFL Oakland Raiderette and NBA dancer for the Phoenix Suns and currently coaches the UCLA dance team. In this episode, Tiphanie shares what it was like coaching and having her baby during a pandemic and the mental toughness it takes to show up and serve others day after day, at home with your kids and in your career. Tune in to hear how Tiph has been inspired to turn her love of dance into her career and a fulfilling connection to her joy!


02:30 How did you get started in dance and cheer?

06:15 What was it like being on bed rest and having your baby at the beginning of the pandemic?

10:00 Sharing gratitude for the woman in New York who petitioned for 1 support person to be in the delivery room.

13:40 Is there a theme or something you work to instill in your team?

18:30 What are some of the TV appearances your team has done?

23:15 How do you make time to recharge with your dance team not having an off-season?

26:00 The inspiration behind starting her choreography business. 

30:00 The importance of taking care of yourself and pouring into yourself as a mom.

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