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The Neeley Neal Show

Apr 6, 2021

We’re here with a brand new series and for our first ever Pep Talk we’re talking about Happiness! Joy and happiness are things we all seek and want to create in our lives as much as possible. However, in that pursuit, do we really know what will bring true and lasting happiness? Tune in for questions to ask yourself to define what happiness looks like to you, if self-care is the answer, and even deeper into what will bring true joy and happiness that lasts.


01:10 Welcome to our new series!

01:50 What can you expect from these Pep Talks?

03:15 What does real and authentic joy look like to you?

04:20 How can a perspective shift bring lasting happiness?

06:15 Outside of self-care, what actions can you take to create lasting happiness?

07:40 Who are you going to help today?



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