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The Neeley Neal Show

Jun 27, 2023

In this episode, you will learn:


How to focus on being in alignment with the person you are called to become so you can live full out and create that vibrant life you have always wanted!


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Show Notes:

Where are you going and where are you growing? With this first question, we will look extrinsically, where are you going? Look down the road at what you want your life to be and  create milestones or goals for yourself. This can include looking at just the day ahead, the current quarter or year you are in or farther down the road. Use this question to create goals in all aspects of life. Being clear with your intentions and what you want to accomplish will get you there that much faster. You will be able to identify your priorities and drown out the noise of tasks that are not as important in this season of your life. Where are you growing? This is more of an intrinsic focus. What area of personal development are you focusing on to become that next level version of yourself? This can be a word or phrase that you are focusing on in order to change or begin incorporating a value/behavior that is in alignment with the person you have been called to be. Live full out and go after that life you have always wanted to create!


03:18 Create clarity around your intentions. 

04:05 Where are you going?

05:50 Where are you growing?

06:40 Focus on being in alignment with the person you are called to become. 

07:40 Life doesn’t happen on paper, it’s happening RIGHT NOW. Live it and manifest it!