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The Neeley Neal Show

Jul 27, 2021

How can I gain momentum and stay open to life's new opportunities? In this episode, our host Neeley got to chat with long-time online friend, Kara Franker. Having connected online during their NFL cheerleading days, both Neeley and Kara have cheered each other on as they’ve taken on new adventures in life. Kara Franker is an Attorney, Entrepreneur, tourism industry executive, and former NFL cheerleader with the Kansas City Chiefs. As you can imagine from this very simplified version of Kara’s bio, she has taken her knowledge from one career and carried it into the next. Tune in for ways you can gain momentum in different areas of your life, while being open to changes and new opportunities along the way!


02:40 Meeting online and staying in touch after NFL cheer days.

04:00 What did your journey look like growing up that led to Kansas City Chiefs cheer?

06:20 Who are some mentors that you had during your seasons in the NFL?

09:15 The journey from Kansas to taking over a large communications and marketing department in Florida.

11:00 Being a prosecutor by day and writer by night.

16:15 What was the timeline like having your daughter and building your career as a travel expert in Florida?

20:30 Has it been hard moving away from Florida after having built roots there?

24:15 What is tourism like in Estes Park, Colorado?


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The One Minute Pause by John Eldredge

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