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The Neeley Neal Show

Mar 30, 2021

What is stopping you from becoming the person who is able to conquer your biggest goals? We are so excited to have Lindsey Schwartz on the podcast! Lindsey is an author, speaker, business mentor, investor, and Founder of Powerhouse Women! We’re talking about listening to the tugs on your heart, and the power of surrounding yourself with people who will believe in you and cheer you on especially when fear and doubt sink in. Of course, we also talk about cheer, dance, and some big future goals! Tune in to hear how she has taken the leap into the unknown over and over, and how those have become stepping stones onward and upward! 


02:15 Where did the name “Powerhouse Women” come from?

04:00 What did pivoting look like for you in 2020, including your annual Powerhouse Women event?

08:10 What advice would you give someone looking to find their squad?

13:00 How did you get the idea to create Powerhouse Women?

15:20 As someone who hadn’t identified as a writer, what led you to write a book?

18:40 What is the thing you keep making excuses from doing that will help you become the person you are meant to be?

21:00 How does community come into play in helping us achieve individual goals?

26:00 What can we do to leverage strategy to reach our goals?

27:10 What is your background in cheer and dance?

29:30 What is your big dance goal for the future?

33:00 What was your cheerleading experience in College?

35:00 Where is the best way to find out what is coming next in the Powerhouse Women Comunity?


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