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The Neeley Neal Show

Jun 20, 2023

In this episode, you will learn:

How to have a healthier relationship with social media with this one simple shift.

Being on social media is not a requirement for living full out.


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Show Notes:

Social Media can be an incredible way to get the word out about your business or connect with others. Unfortunately there’s also a dark side that has been so brilliantly engineered to suck you in and keep you scrolling your life away. It can be a toxic place and lead to burnout if we let it. In this episode, I’m sharing some ways to protect yourself from falling into the trap of scrolling or unconsciously opening that go-to social platform for another “hit”. There is so much life to be lived beyond the screen, just think of the connection and peace you can have in your life by taking your power back from social media. 

01:00 The common theme I’m seeing in communities of ambitious women.

04:15 Thoughts on social media, and how to allow becoming a victim to its trap.

08:00 Ways social media is impacting our youth, and how to show there is another way.

09:40 How to create healthy boundaries with social media by making this one simple shift.

13:20 What tools are you using to help keep your time on social media intentional?

15:15 What will improve in your life when you take back your power and don’t let social media steal your time and energy?